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Below you will find some commonly asked questions. If you do not see an answer to a question you have, please contact us directly – all contact information listed below on page.

T's & C's Apply

  1. Deliveries in
    Midstream Estates
    Heritage Hill
    Centurion Golf Estate
    Irene Country Estate
    Closest other estates can do collection in store.
  2. R30 per delivery in Midstream, R60 outside.
  3. Only orders placed before 14:00 on the day will be schedule for same day delivery. After this time, will be next day delivery (48hrs rollover)
  4. Delivery schedule: Mondays to Thursdays 9:00 – 17:00, lockdown level 3.
  5. Public Holidays: Closed
  6. No deliveries on weekends except for Saturday morning, therefore orders delivered on Mondays was placed over the weekend.
  7. Pick up in store (collections) has no extra charge, we pick your order for you and notify you when it is ready for collection. Collection is your own responsibility.
  8. Loyalty Kard points are only available in store, and not online.
  9. While stocks last, alternative options will be chosen unless specified not to. If we cannot replace out of stock items, the shortfall will be refunded through a credit system (coupons).
  10. Photos are for illustration purposes only.

How will I know if my order has out of stock items?

Due to the recent decision to do this delivery service, there was no time integrating our shop system with the website. Live stock counts are therefore not possible. We are picking the orders from the shop floor as they come in. Due to this Covid-19 pandemic, re-stock of items may take longer as suppliers have more demands. We are doing our best to refill our shop for you.

What is the lead time for my order to be ready/delivered?

Depending on the demand. If you order before 16:00 today, delivery is the following day or within 48hrs. As we are all dealing with this pandemic, the demand is much higher. We aim for excellence, so the same day would be our first choice.

Should I have created an account before I can purchase online?

Your account will be created during your 1st checkout process.

Why do I get invalid shipping address notification?

Please check your area code. Use correct area code for Midstream and Heritage Hill when entering shipping address.

How will I know that my products are safe from any exposure to the corona-virus (or any virus)?

All staff handling orders are wearing masks and sanitizing hands. We clean with soap, warm water and sanitize the working area regularly, as well as in between changing of working stations and packages. Our suppliers are also delivering within the regulations set out, also wearing masks and sanitizing before handling food. We, as a business are also concerned with our own health risks, and therefore we follow these regulations for our own benefit as well as, in return, for you – our customers.

Are my personal details secure?

Yes, your information is stored on a secure database and NO payment info is stored on the website or server. All payment information is handled by our online payment processing company, PAYFAST – more information can be obtained from their website:

Are there any limits to shopping items?

We are trying to help everyone, therefore limiting your amount to one specific item will aid in that. Currently we do not have a specific number, but rather let demand be of aid. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this regard.

When will you be receiving new stock?

Some suppliers only supply weekly, other 3 times a week and some daily. As our supplies arrive we will be updating the online shop. Please check in daily to see if the item you want has been loaded (made available).

What happens if one of my items of my order runs out after my payment is through and confirmed?

We will try our best to replace the out of stock item with the closest similar product, and be refunded (credit coupon) for what was not replaced. You may be contacted if necessary.

Why does my order slip and delivery slip differ?

As the demand has increased for us as a shop and also our suppliers’ demands, we are trying our best to restock the shop. We will replace the out of stock item with the closest similar product, and be refunded (credit coupon) for what was not. You may be contacted if necessary.


1 Brakfontein Road,
Square@Midstream Shopping Centre,
Midstream Estates,

LOCKDOWN HOURS: Mo to Thu  10h00 – 18h00

Mon-Fri: 08h00 – 20h00
Saturday: 08h00 – 20h00
Sunday: 08h00 – 15h00
Public Holidays: 08h00 – 20h00


1 Ridgeway Avenue,
Shopping on Ridgeway,
Midstream Estates,

LOCKDOWN HOURS: Mo to Thu  10h00 – 18h00

Mon-Fri: 08h00 – 20h00
Saturday: 08h00 – 20h00
Sunday: 08h00 – 15h00
Public Holidays: 08h00 – 20h00


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